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Waitress Yelling At Customers Goes Viral (Video)

A video featuring a North Carolina Denny's waitress fighting with customers over her son on April 24 has captured national attention (video below.)

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it appears the customers and waitress may know each other.

“So we can't eat here because your son is a bully?” the male customer, who is filming the conversation, says in the beginning.

He later says to the waitress, “How many times does my kid come back bruised to hell because of your kid?”

The man continues, claiming the waitress's child calls his wife bad names.

“And you are calling him a fat a--? Who is the adult?” the waitress responded.

“My son is not a bully ... get out! Get out of here now! Your son is ugly!” the unidentified server later adds in the video that has garnered close to 50,000 views in a day, before also calling the couple “retarded.”

The couple insult the waitress back, calling her ugly and mocking her profession.

Before the video ends, the waitress adds the fight will resume once she’s out of work and back at home.

“I'll show you b--- when I get home, honey,” she said.

“So now you're threatening us?” the customers ask.

It’s not the first time Denny’s has been a viral sensation for unusual employee and customer behavior.

On a happier note, one Denny’s waitress in Utah -- a single mother who remains unidentified -- got a surprise on April 1 when Briggs VanNess left her a $1,500 tip, reports KTLA.

“I grew up with a single mother of six -- we were poor and homeless a lot,” VanNess explained. “I’d spend many nights at my mother’s friends’ houses, my mother was dying from cancer but somehow managed to survive. But I watched and suffered for years as I watched her work her hands to the bone to give us a good life. She raised us to be kind and help others. Many years down the road I was facing prison and getting in trouble and it ended up causing me to lose my family because I was a really terrible person.”

Since then, he has changed for the better.

“Now it’s time to pay it back,” he added. “I’m a successful business owner and I help as many as I feel that need it.”

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

Sources:,KTLA / Photo credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr

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