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Woman Uncovers Fiance's Past, Calls Off Wedding (Photo)

A Texas woman about to get married called off her wedding when she learned her "wealthy" Australian fiance is allegedly a con man who had defrauded many women in the past.

Stephanie Hoskins, 23, and a man she knew as Brett Goodman, 29,  were going to tie the knot at Southfork Ranch -- the setting of 1980's TV show "Dallas" -- in Parker, Texas, on March 31.

But weeks before the wedding, Hoskins discovered her fiance was not a rich oil exploration worker that he claimed he was, but an unemployed alleged con man named Brett Joseph who reportedly lived off the money of multiple Australian women he dated, the Daily Mail reports.

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The couple originally met on online dating site Plenty of Fish in November and agreed to marry only months after they started dating.

"My father is very ill, he has stage 4 cancer ... so Brett used that to push the wedding along sooner," Hoskins said.

"We had our whole wedding planned. I bought a dress, and my parents had purchased a bridesmaid dress for my best friend," Hoskins added. "He was very charming, very handsome and he knew all the right things to say. He made me believe we were looking for the same things in life ... starting a family and building a life together in Texas."  

Hoskins' suspicions were first aroused when Joseph pushed her to get legally married at a court house before the official wedding party. He said he wanted to file his spouse visa and green card papers as early as possible.

But when they went through the legal process of getting their marriage license, she claims he then told her his legal name was Brett Joseph.

Hoskins researched his name on Google before the court ceremony took place and discovered multiple news reports and a website created by one of his previous girlfriends. 

The young Texas woman immediately kicked Joseph out of her apartment and contacted police. She is convinced he was using her to get a green card.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Joseph stated in an email that he had come to the U.S. to be with Hoskins and did not use her father's illness to rush her into marriage.

He claims Hoskins knew of his real name weeks ago and encouraged him to change his name legally before the wedding.

"I have not conned her out of anything," he said in the email. "Just like I have not received any money from any of the alledged victims in Australia or the USA."

He added, "Women will do anything or say anything for a feel sorry for me story." 

Joseph stated his attorneys in Australia and the U.S. are preparing lawsuits over the accusations. 

Australian police have been investigating Joseph since 2015. 

When asked why he hasn't yet been arrested, Hoskins responded: "He's not the kind of criminal who breaks into your house and steals things. He steals your heart."

Sources: Daily Mail, Dallas Morning News / Photo credit: Jeff Belmonte/Wikimedia Commons, Supplied via Daily Mail

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