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Man 'Pays It Forward' At McDonald's

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A fast food customer who paid it forward was caught on video in Fort Worth, Texas, giving McDonald's workers $100 bills and asking for nothing in return.

An anonymous man came into a local McDonald’s, walked up to the register without ordering and handed the employees a generous tip.

“Oh my God,” a dumbfounded cashier said after the regular customer gave her the cash, reports KTVT.

Other workers caught wind of what was happening and came to greet the man who gave them each a $100 bill. He received hugs from the workers after giving them the gifts and was even called a “living angel” by one of the staff members.

“You could tell it blessed their day,” says Lisa Davila, who works for the man. “They didn’t come in there [to work] thinking that was going to happen that day ... and that was the best part about it.”

An employee of the kind man, who did not want to be identified, told KTVT that the act came at the heels of a cancer diagnosis. The unnamed man had also witnessed another customer fall on hard times.

“There was a young lady at McDonald’s, who’s a regular there and goes and has coffee, and she happened to be crying and it just broke his heart. So, he went over and asked her what was going on and she was going through tough times,” Davila says.

When asked how her boss would react to his deed making such a huge difference, Davila says he would probably cry.

“Pay it forward. That’s the whole idea behind it,” says Davila.

According to Consumerist, he gave all 33 employees of the Fort Worth McDonald’s restaurant the cash, even those who were not working at the time. Staff members were organizing a thank you card for the mystery man.

Sources: KTVT, Consumerist / Photo credit: Screenshot via KTVT

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