Man Explains Why He Shamed Two Panhandlers For Not Accepting His Job Offer


Mike Pothoff, the owner of a car wash in Muscatine, Iowa, recently shamed two roadside beggars.

The beggars held a sign that read: “Broke and hungry. Money please” near a Taco Bell. Right next to them, however, Pothoff held up a sign that read: “Offered these guys a job. They said no. Don’t give money."

Michael Wooldridge, Pothoff's nephew, posted a picture on Facebook on Dec. 12 with the caption: "My Uncle Mike offered these guys a job said he was busy right now could use the help they said no so he did this!! Wow don't give these guys any money.”

When the beggars moved, Wooldridge said that Pothoff followed them with his sign.

There were questions on social media as to whether or not the incident was real or staged, but Pothoff explained the situation in an interview with Mediate.“

"This is not what I wanted," Pothoff said. "That was not my intention. My nephew said, ‘I wanted to take a picture of me standing there with the sign because I told my dad I was gonna do it,’ but then it got on… Facebook blew up, and I told my nephew I didn’t want to be on TV or anything, or get interviewed for it, that’s not why I did it.”

However, Pothook is going to be interviewed on "Fox and Friends" on Dec. 16. He told Mediate that he's doing that interview because "now there’s people saying really bad things about me, like I was offering them sexual s---, so now, I just want people to hear exactly what I did.”

“Here’s my thing, I work hard for my money,” Pothoff added. “The younger kid, the one guy said, ‘I’m a sex offender,’ I said, ‘That’s alright, come on down, I’ll hire ya, I’ll give you a chance,’ so he said, ‘Well, I’m also on SSI,’ so I said ‘Okay, let’s cancel that and let’s go to work.'”

Pothoff noted that he is not against giving to panhandlers, saying that he gave money to a man in a wheelchair a few years ago.

Sources:, Facebook, / Photo Credit: Michael Wooldridge/Facebook Screenshot

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