Deathstar Invention Sets Off 5,000 Fireworks (Video)

Colin Furze, an inventor in Lincolnshire, England, created a Deathstar device that shot off 5,000 fireworks in about 20 seconds (video below).

Furze announced on June 9 he was going to surprise his fans if he reached 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, RT reports.

Furze debuted "The Firework Deathstar," a large orb containing fireworks that was attached to a mobile crane, in a YouTube video.

"What we've got are 58 boxes of fireworks," Furze told viewers during a daytime shot. "They're all electronically wired together, so they're all going to fire at the same time."

After a brief explanation of the invention, the video switches to nighttime. Furze then does a quick countdown and the fireworks go off in a massive display resembling a war zone.

From some angles, Furze's invention looked like the infamous "Deathstar" from "Star Wars," as it let loose a barrage of explosions.

Furze has created other wacky inventions, including his homemade hoverbike, that has received more than 11 million views on YouTube since April.

In case you're wondering who this kooky inventor is, Furze states on his website:

By the comments n messages i get on youtube and the things people ask me everyone seems to think i'm some some sort of mechanic/engineer person but in reality i'm just a plumber. The things i make are made with tools that proper engineers would laugh at but i'm proof you don't need an expensive lathe and huge welder to create something amazing.

What you do need though is a place to do stuff and the right people to help ask when needed and also someone to tell you you will fail as that drives you on abit more. As far as a workspace i have a good workshop at home but its not always been like that as when i lived at me parents my dad would not let me in the big shed we had there and it wasn't until he died that i could really make stuff properly.

It was quiet mad as i had to do everything in my bed room at one point i even had a lathe in there which i bought of ebay for [$99] and it was the oldest mucky thing ever which resulted in oil being sprayed up the wall at one point so if you have kids for god sake let them in the shed or at least help them.

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Sources: RT, ColinFurze / Photo Credit: colinfurze/YouTube

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