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Internet Troll Mocks Girl Whose Mom Died From Cancer (Video)

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A callous Internet troll has been exposed after she mocked a teenage girl’s dead mother just days after she died of cancer (video below).

Mollie Campbell, 13, was subjected to a number of insults by an unknown girl after her mother, Linda Campbell, lost a year-long battle with cancer, reports. The insults came just shortly after Linda died from lung and cervical cancer on Dec. 22.

The teenager referred to Mollie’s mom as “a slag” and “a slut” who had died of AIDS.

The girl made the mean-spirited comments after joining Mollie and her friends in a video chat application called ooVoo. Mollie's 18-year-old sister Aimee later shared the video online to expose the Internet troll's behavior.

After the video, the girl reportedly stalked Mollie online, in addition to tracking her down on Facebook and Snapchat.

Aimee noted that the abuse was uncalled for and “disgusting.”

“The abuse came totally out of the blue,” Aimee said, according to “We have no idea who this girl is or why she is picking on us.”

Despite the teenage girl’s trolling, Mollie’s father explained that the family has received an overwhelming amount of support from people who received Aimee’s clip of the conversation.

Since the incident, Mollie has been able to block the teenage girl on social media apps like Snapchat.

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