Deceivingly Simple Children's Fruit Puzzle Confuses The Internet


A children’s brainteaser is quickly spreading around the internet as many adults begin to realize the puzzle is not as easy as they may have initially believed.

The problem is seemingly simple, using pictures of apples, bananas, and coconuts. However, most people have discovered that the puzzle is deceivingly straight-forward. 

According to the Daily Mail, the image has been spreading around social media since December. 

The image uses pictures of fruit to represent numeric values. The first equation features three apples added together to equal thirty, which means that each apple is equal to 10. 

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The second line shows that one apple plus two bunches of bananas equals 18, which would lead you to believe each bunch of bananas equals four. 

The third line says that coconut subtracted from bananas equals two, meaning coconut is equal to two.

The last line of the puzzle is where it gets tricky. The equation says coconut plus an apple plus bananas and the viewer has to figure out the answer. Using what you know from earlier, it would make sense that the answer would be 16. This is not the case, however.

The correct answer is 14. This may seem confusing, and that’s because the creator of the puzzle played a mind game with the participants. 

If you look carefully, the earlier photos of the bananas have four bananas, but there are only three bananas in the bottom equation. Similarly, the first photo of the coconut shows two halves, but the bottom equation only shows one. 

Rather than assigning a numeric value to each fruit as the creator did with the apple, the coconuts and bananas are both only worth the amount of pieces pictured.

Sources: Daily MailMashable / Photo Credit: Mashable

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