Melania Trump Ditches Heels For Flats During Trip (Photos)

Melania Trump Ditches Heels For Flats During Trip (Photos) Promo Image

First lady Melania Trump's choices in footwear have become a media flashpoint, generating headlines from Inauguration Day to the late summer hurricanes that hit the southeastern U.S.

Since President Donald Trump won the election, Melania's shoes have been the subject of many editorials, with several writers criticizing her fondness for high heels.

In a particularly sharp opinion article in Newsweek, writer Nina Burleigh condemned the women in the Trump family, particularly Melania and the president's daughter Ivanka, for consistently choosing stiletto heels over more practical shoes.

"Six months in, and the Trump women are well on their way to normalizing the footwear of the beauty pageant," Burleigh wrote on Aug. 10.

"It is a risk-taking shoe," former Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley told Burleigh. "If you stumble, you will break your ankle. But these girls have mastered the art absolutely through rigorous discipline of daily exercise and weight loss, and when you set your foot into the toe box you have the mental knowledge that you can’t make those mistakes and fall."

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Melania's footwear became even more of an issue during Hurricane Harvey, the storm that struck Texas on Aug. 29. The first lady wore a pair of stiletto heels while walking to board Air Force One, according to The New York Times. Some news outlets spun that into a story of the first lady wearing heels to a disaster zone.

But Melania changed clothes during the flight from Washington, D.C., to Houston, disembarking in a buttoned-up white shirt, a baseball cap and white sneakers.

Melania returned to Texas on Sept. 2 to continue relief efforts, again wearing heels as she walked to board the presidential airplane, according to Independent Journal Review.

Most recently, Melania chose far more subdued footwear as she headed off to Florida to help with Hurricane Irma relief on Sept. 14. During a brief press conference outside the White House as the president spoke with the media, Melania was spotted wearing ballet flats rather than her usual heels.

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Perhaps the shoe choice during the trip to Florida marks the beginning of a change in Melania's wardrobe, slowly phasing out the Manolo Blahniks for something closer to the ground. Or, as Benny Johnson of IJR put it, Melania has reached "Troll Level: Expert."

The president's visit to Florida will assess the damage done in the areas of Naples and Fort Meyers and is expected to last no more than three hours, according to AOL.

Sources: Newsweek, The New York Times, Independent Journal Review, AOL / Featured Image: U.S. Army Sgt. Kalie Jones/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Getty Images via Independent Journal Review 

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