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Intelligent Parking Chair Parks Itself (Video)

Nissan's video (below) of its Intelligent Parking Chair was released on Feb. 14, and it has since garnered over one million views in nine days.

The self-parking chairs roll under a conference tables and individual desks on the cue of a hand clap.

The Intelligent Parking Chair is able to rotate 360 degrees and finds its parking location via four motion-sensitive cameras in a room that tell the chair via Wi-Fi how to find its destination, reports.

However, Nissan's Intelligent Parking Chair video is not intended to sell chairs, but to show off the technology that will be used in the company's self-parking and self-driving cars in 2018, notes

“This technology will help realize the autonomous driving in the near future," Nissan said in a statement, according to "The joy of driving without monotonous and boring moments. This is Nissan’s blueprint of the future of autonomous drive."

Sources: / Photo Credit: Nissan Newsroom via YouTube

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