Instant Karma For Girl Who Stomped Cat's Tail (Video)


A little girl in Eilat, Israel, found out the hard way not to mess with cats (video below).

When the child sees the white and orange cat, she decides to kick it.

That doesn't bother the cat, so the girl then stomps on its tail.  The cat jumps up and chases the child. Although the cat eventually loses interest in the pursuit, the girl runs around before turning around and screaming.

Karma catches up to the child as she trips on a concrete ledge and falls over it, flat on her face.

The entire incident was recorded by an anonymous man in the park, according to Daily Mail.

The video was uploaded onto social media and YouTube in September 2015, with commenters criticizing the child for attacking the cat.

“Little brat deserved it,” one writes.

Another user wrote, “That's what she gets. She's fine. Probably just won't do it again. Life is all about being taught lessons.”

Although, some users had more sympathy for the child: “She's just a tiny toddler.. still learning. She could've really hurt herself.”

The girl’s identity is mystery and it is unknown whether she was injured.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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