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Instant-Aging Suit Makes You Feel 75 Years Old (Video)

James Hamblin, a senior editor for The Atlantic, recently learned what it would be like to become 75 years old by wearing an instant-aging suit in an episode of his online series, “If Our Bodies Could Talk” (video below).

According to The Atlantic, inventor Bran Ferren created the exoskeleton suit, which simulates the effects of aging such as cataracts, aphasia, and arthritis.

While wearing the suit, Hamblin experienced cloudy vision, limited arm movement and the feeling of walking in deep snow.

The exoskeleton simulates disabilities, but will hopefully provide better mobility for elderly people in the future.

The Genworth insurance company took the suit to the Aspen Ideas Festival 2015 in July.

“Our mission is to prepare families for their futures,” Janice Luvera, of Genworth, told SlashGear. “The good news is that we’re living longer. The bad news is that they’re not really prepared for it.”

Sources: The Atlantic, SlashGear / Photo Credit: The Atlantic Screenshot


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