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InfoWars Editor Says He Eats Pages Out Of Books

Paul Joseph Watson is well-known in alt-right circles for promoting conspiracy theories as the editor-at-large for, a website owned by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

But what fans of Watson may not know is that he eats pages out of books, a revelation he recently made during an interview with Vice about his diet:

Funny you should ask -- my eating habits are not normal. I suffer from the PICA eating disorder. This means I literally eat books. Pages of older books especially. I have managed to curb it in recent years, but it's still a thing. There's no real treatment. It's not harmful to my health though. Still, at least I can safely say I'm consuming knowledge. :-D. Other than that I try to follow the 'original human diet,' which means eating mostly meat.

Industrial Psychiatry Journal, a medical journal, ran an article about this type of eating disorder, also known as xylophagia, in 2014:

Xylophagia is a condition involving the consumption of paper and form of eating disorder known as pica. People who suffer from this eating disorder usually consume substances like paper, pencils, tree barks or other items made of wood.

The most popular form of xylophagia is the consumption of paper, but rare type of pica may be described in the literature.

Pica is an unusual craving for and ingestion of either edible or inedible substances. The condition has been described in medical journals for centuries. Incidence of pica has also been linked to iron deficiency, zinc deficiency and certain co-morbid conditions like Kleine-Levin syndrome, mental retardation and schizophrenia. It has been observed in men and women of all ages and ethnicity, but is more prevalent among the lower socioeconomic classes.

When asked about exercise, Watson stated: "Exercise is pretty boring. I do intensive running a couple of times a week and normal resistance/weight lifting four or five times a week."

Watson's fellow conspiracy theorist, host Mike Cernovich, told Vice about his diet: "Until recently my diet was terrible. I've started cleaning it up to drop some weight. I eat 2,600 calories a day with 200 grams of those calories coming from protein."

Cernovich, who is infamous for promoting the "Pizzagate" conspiracy, also described his exercise routine:

For exercise, I lift three times each week, hike my dog three to five miles every day (sometimes we walk, other times we'll do sprints), and do a boxing workout with my wife twice each week. One day a week, I do cold water immersion therapy at a Korean spa.

Sources: Vice, Industrial Psychiatry Journal via PMC, Daily Beast / Photo credit: Tyler Merbler/Flickr

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