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Influencers Cause Uproar Over 'Quarankini' Trend On Instagram

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, a number of Instagram influencers began posting pictures wearing “quarankinis” – bikinis fashioned from face masks. This trend was not received well, and the influencers were slammed for wasting essential resources.

Millions of people are self-quarantining, and with a great deal of people choosing to stockpile masks, medical professionals are finding themselves without the essential protective equipment.

Despite pleas from healthcare workers to leave medical masks for those who actually need them the most, the influencers took selfies in their “quarankinis,” a gross waste of the essential masks.

One Russian influencer, Yulia Ushakova, posted a picture wearing two masks as a bikini top, and wore the traditional string mask as a skimpy bottom. The picture got more than 10,000 likes, but some commenters were quick to call her out for her wastefulness.

“There aren’t enough masks in the country, but here it is...” one person wrote.

Another wrote: “Yulia. This is blasphemy! It’s better to give masks to your grandmothers.”

“[Is your] father proud of such photos?” one person commented.

Another comment read: “There is a global lack of masks. This is the worst joke I have seen during these horrible days.”

Others pointed out that the masks she was wearing were the difference between life and death for many healthcare workers.

One person wrote: “In a moment when those masks can save a life, this is not the best kind of joke you can do.”

Another reiterated the message: “The nursing team does not have masks and people like you take it as a joke, what a shame... a little respect please…”

Yana Koshinka, a Russian model, also posted a picture of herself posing in the “quarankini.” She also posted another image of herself covered in toilet paper as she walked down a flight of stairs. Toilet paper has been in short supply after masses of people began hoarding them.

“Found a little toilet paper in the store. Ready for self-isolation,” she captioned the post in Russian.

Katja, an Instagram model, also partook in the trend. She tied two masks to make a bikini top, and then covered her private parts with another mask, which she had fashioned into a string bikini.

Australian model Jade Marie posted a picture of herself wearing a black string-tied face mask bikini. She later deleted the post after she was slammed for wasting essential medical supplies.

“A waste to use four masks to one person,” one person had commented before the post was deleted.

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