Indiana Town Freaked Out By Military Training (Video)


Some residents in Beech Grove, Indiana, were alarmed the during night of May 23 and the early morning hours of May 24 by low-flying helicopters and noises that resembled gunshots and explosions (video below).

Local police told WXIN that the U.S. military was carrying out a training exercise at an old hospital in the area.

Many of the station's viewers said there was no advance warning, although others said they received a knock on their door and a heads-up from the police.

The Indy Channel reports that city officials had known about the military training by U.S. Army Special Operations Command since March. The exercise reportedly included at least 100 military personnel.

Frightened phone callers "flooded" the Marion County 911 dispatch center. Unidentified sources told The Indy Channel that 911 operators were not told about the training, which contradicts the police, who said the dispatch center was alerted long before the training exercises.

Police said they informed only those residents who lived within a four-block radius of the old hospital. They notified these residents a few hours before the exercises, but it's not clear why the entire town wasn't alerted.

Police Captain Robert Mercuri said: "We're sorry for people that were startled and for all those things, but I think the overall idea to do the overall best for people, to help out our military, and the men and women who serve us everyday, I think it's a fine line and we tried to do the best we could with it."

Some local residents took to Twitter to sound the alarm:

"anybody else see about half a dozen black choppers flying super low over the beech grove area? Also sounded like shots or explosions?"

"Anyone know what's going on in the sky above Beech Grove right now? Did we go to war and no one mention it?"

"it sounds like bombs are going off in beech grove..."

The community can look forward to more possible late night commotion as the military is allowed to use the old hospital until May 27.

Sources: WXIN, The Indy Channel / Photo credit: The Indy Channel/YouTube

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