Independent Genetic Test Reveals Prince Had A Son


Independent genetic testing at a Santa Monica, California, lab reportedly reveals an unidentified man may be Prince's son.

DNA results allegedly show Prince Rogers Nelson has a 99 percent probability of being the man’s father, the Santa Monica Observer reports.

The man's mother was a singer who used to play in some of the same clubs Prince did in the 1980s.

The man, who is now in his 30s, currently resides in the Midwest.

Three weeks after Prince passed away in April, some 700 people claimed to be related to the pop singer, who left no will and a $300 million estate for the taking.

"[We were] inundated with calls and emails from people claiming to be related to the pop star,” said John Hilbert and Shar Mansukhani from the Heir Hunters International organization, Mirror Online reports.

"We have a standard protocol,” Hilbert added. “We want a certified copy of your birth record and we also want a detailed description of why you think you would be related to Prince. It added up with where Prince was and where his mother was."

The duo adds the man seemed genuine when he approached them and not “crazy.”

"The way he approached everything was just completely different than what we had seen,” they said. “He wasn't looking for that 15 minutes of fame. It wasn't a crazy story and it really started piecing together. He's very nice, not crazy. He’s somebody who's not star-struck ... or wants to be famous. Not at all."

The alleged son has requested to stay anonymous.

"He values his privacy,” Hilbert said. “He does not want to show up on the courthouse steps unless he is certain that the procedure is set that he'll be recognized."

Prince Rogers Nelson left behind no living heirs.

In 1996, when Prince was 37, then-wife Mayte Garcia gave birth to their son, Ahmir Gregory. Ahmir passed away a week later from Pfeiffer syndrome, and his parents divorced three years later.

Sources: Santa Monica ObserverMirror Online / Photo credit WireImage via Mashable

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