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Incredible Image Captures Rainbow, Lightning Bolt Together (Photos)

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An unbelievable image of a lightning bolt striking over a rainbow went viral after a photographer from Tucson, Arizona, shared it on Facebook.

Greg McCown said he was driving with two other photographers — Bryan Snider and Chris Frailey — when he spotted the microburst.

“We shot for a little while, then got dumped on by a microburst while driving up the freeway. (Interstate 10) slowed to a near crawl, with half the traffic pulling over and stopping completely. Can't blame them as visibility dropped to 20 feet,” McCown wrote in his post.

“At the next stop Bryan and Chris headed NW back towards home and I headed SE towards this rainbow. I was just trying to find a foreground without telephone poles or other junk in the way.”

The astonishing, vivid photo quickly went viral after McCown shared it, garnering more than 130,000 shares and 135,000 likes on Facebook in four days.

Sources: KTLA, Greg McCown/Facebook / Photo credit: Greg McCown/Facebook


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