Impatient Trucker Pulls Out In Front Of Oncoming Truck, Causes Accident (Video)


Shocking video shows us the devastation of a truck collision due to one truck driver who was too impatient to wait for approaching traffic to pass through before turning at an intersection.

A trucker’s dashboard camera captured the harrowing moment when an oncoming truck T-bones so hard into another truck attempting to make a left turn that it left the ground for a second, according to Rare.

The truck driver waiting to pull out at the left-hand junction was either impatient, did not see the oncoming truck, or just wasn’t thinking clearly. Hopefully, no one sustained serious injury.

Check out the video below:

The footage was also posted to Reddit where one user, mowgli96, apparently figured out where the incident took place and chimed in with his experience on the road.

“Highway 97 coming up the Washington side of the Gorge,” the user wrote. “I driver [sic] this road a couple of times a year to get to the Gorge Amphitheater. I personally hate making this turn because its hard to sometimes gauge how quickly trucks are coming down the hill at you. As for this truck driver, he is an Idiot for not waiting for it to become clear.”

Sources: RareReddit / Photo Credit: Catastrophe/YouTube


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