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Image Of Wisconsin Dad Posing With 15-Year-Old Daughter's Boyfriend Goes Viral


A picture of a Wisconsin man jokingly posing with his daughter's homecoming date has gone viral. 

Sharee Schock of West Salem, Wisconsin, was taking pictures of her 15-year-old daughter, Ricarra, and her boyfriend before a homecoming dance at West Salem High School in early October when her husband, Ben, decided to make good on a threat that he had made to his daughter's date earlier in the evening. 

“My husband had mentioned previously in humor that he would do to the boyfriend whatever was done to our daughter,” Schock told BuzzFeed News. 

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True to his word, Ben took a picture with Ricarra's boyfriend in which he stood behind the teen with his arms around his waist, copying a similar pose that the young man had done with Ricarra in an earlier photo. 

Schock said family members present at the shoot were amused at her husband's lighthearted antics. 

Schock, who is a professional photographer, initially posted the picture on her Facebook page with the caption, "Whatever you do to my daughter, I will do to you." 

Since the Oct. 11 post, the comical photo has quickly spread to other photo-sharing sites and eventually made its way to Imgur, where it has received nearly 3 million views. 

Schock was surprised at the online popularity that the photo had gained.

"We never expected it to travel further than our little country town," she said. 

Acquaintances of the family on Facebook described Ben as "relaxed" and easygoing.

Schock explained that her husband had recently been battling several brain tumors and that the family has been making a special effort to stay positive during his ordeal, according to BuzzFeed News. 

She added that the photo was taken in good fun and was not meant to be a real threat. 

“We hope that above anything else this pictures shows the love and protective nature of a dad with his little girl, but in a playful and not-so-intimidating manner,” she said.

Sources: Fox 9 News, BuzzFeed News, Facebook

Photo Credit: Schock Photography/Facebook


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