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'Keep It Real': Customer Leaves Hilariously Long Pizza Topping Request (Photos)

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A pizzeria customer’s amazingly detailed request for restaurant staff became an Internet sensation, with thousands of views in less than a day.

A receipt for the customer’s order showed a medium cheese pizza with olives and green peppers listed as toppings. Underneath the toppings, however, was a hilariously long explanation as to why staff shouldn’t put green peppers on despite the selection.

“I put green peppers but don’t actually want them,” the customer wrote. “I want banana peppers instead but they aren’t listed and I don’t want the uncomfortable scenario of adding a topping to the comments but not paying for it and then you’re all ‘this assh**e is going off menu and expects free banana peppers.’  I’m not that guy.

“Anyway, to sum up,” he continued, “no green peppers as listed in the toppings for this pizza, substitute banana peppers. Also, I prefer to call them pepperocinis but I fear the obvious pepperocini/pepperoni mix up. Keep it real you glorious bastards.”

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Response from viewers on Reddit ranged from those who thought the customer’s request was hilarious to others who felt like a simpler explanation could’ve gone a long way.

“That guy, who wastes 7 inches of receipt paper when he could have easily put ‘substitute banana peppers instead of green peppers,’” Redditor CSonny2 commented. “Not to mention causing several members of the kitchen to lose their s**t as they heard the docket machine printing for 40 seconds,” Jiso replied.

“He was doing okay, but the ‘glorious bastards’ closing might earn him an ‘extra’ topping,” Shift_Dawg added.

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