Illinois Man Repairs Stranger's Car At Gas Station

Hallie Beattie didn't know what to do when her car broke down at an Illinois gas station on the evening of Nov. 8. When a young stranger approached and offered to help, she was initially hesitant to trust him, but after he went the extra mile to repair her car, she posted his story online.

Aubree Taylor, a 19-year-old student, was on his way home from one of his two jobs and stopped for gas, when he noticed Beattie and her two friends trying to fix the car and offered to help, the Belleville News-Democrat reports.

After unsuccessfully trying to jump her car, Taylor located a new battery at a nearby auto parts store and offered to drive her. Beattie was hesitant, but after he shared his "whole background" with her, she eased up, Taylor said.

Taylor installed the battery for her, checked her oil and waited to make sure the women left safely. Beattie later posted on Facebook:

"Thank you Aubrey Taylor for proving that stereo typing people, is so wrong!! Not a thug, not up to no good after dark...stops to help 3 stranded girls, and made sure we were on the road safely to home before he left us... his mom will be getting a thank you letter in the mail from me today for raising an awesome young GENTLEMAN!!!"

Beattie's Facebook post about her new friend's good deed has received over 2,000 shares.

"This is the kind of news that we should be showcasing, giving the attention to those who ARE deserving of praise!!" Beattie wrote.

Taylor has reportedly received hundreds of Facebook friend requests from all over the world.

“…People from Canada and Austria messaged me and said, ‘That’s a good thing; I know what your country is going through,’ and I was excited," Taylor told Fox 2 Now.

Beattie's car is running fine, and Taylor is still getting attention for his good deed.

"I never thought in a million years it would become this big of a deal,” Beattie said. “Just thought it was good to point out the positive things that our young men are doing instead of the bad.

“I was just grateful and proud of the young men being raised."

Sources: Fox 2 Now, Belleville News-DemocratFacebook/ Photo Credit: Facebook

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