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Garbage Collector Finds $2,000, Does Something Amazing

When many of us lose something valuable, such as money or a wallet, we assume it is gone forever.

Fortunately, after having lost $2,000, Doikel Gning from Moline, Illinois, went to file a police report -- only to discover that someone had already turned his money into the station, WQAD reports.

On Sept. 30, Gning got the chance to thank the Good Samaritan, Moline city worker Dennis Crouch, for his selfless act.

"I wanted to say thank you very much from the bottom of my heart," Gning told Crouch. "I will never be able to express in these words how I really feel."

Crouch, who found the money while working as a garbage collector for the City of Moline, said he never considered keeping the money for himself.

"If I was to keep that money, that would be against every core value that I live by," he told WQAD. "I knew it was not an option, so it didn't even cross my mind."

On Sept. 24, Crouch noticed an envelope laying on the ground while driving down an alley for a pickup at work.

"I also realized there was a whole lot of cash inside the envelope," he said.

Crouch tried to find the owner, but no one was in the area. He told his supervisor about the money, who then reported it to Moline police.

Gning had dropped the cash without realizing it. He did not notice it was missing until the following day.

"I kept looking in my car and my apartment in my house, and then I realized, wow, I looked everywhere," Gning said. 

When he went to the police station, he was told that the money had already been turned in.

"We're living in very hard times right now, where everybody's hurting, but we still have out there good people," Gning added.

In June, another Good Samaritan teamed up with police to find the homeless man who lost a $10,000 inheritance in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida, the Daily Mail reported at the time. After a five-day hunt, the homeless man was found and reunited with his money.

In April, another honest employee found a sizeable amount of money -- $4,400 -- while picking up trash from a Walmart parking lot in Bangor, Maine, according to another story published by the Daily Mail. Police returned the cash to the owner, who had lost it the previous winter. Officers awarded the employee a police department coin as a token of their gratitude.

Sources: WQAD 8 News, Daily Mail (2) / Photo credit: WQAD 8 News, 401(K) 2012/Flickr


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