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Think Twice Before Clicking On This Popular Facebook Meme


A popular meme that you may have seen on Facebook could potentially steal your personal information and harm your computer, the Better Business Bureau warns.

The "Be Like Bill" meme is an increasingly popular Facebook feature depicting a stick figure drawing accompanied by humorous messages that call out Internet users' annoying habits in a passive-aggressive way.

The feature also allows Facebook users to create their own customized "Be Like Bill" memes through a generator.

Although the meme seems harmless on the surface, BBB is now warning Facebook users that using the feature could put their personal information, including credit card and bank account numbers, at risk, KFVS reports.

The consumer safety organization considers the meme "clickbait," a general term used to refer to online quizzes, games and other applications that entice users to click on them and that could potentially steal their private data.

The meme could also contain harmful viruses, the BBB warns.

Blobla, the generator of the "Be Like Bill" meme, says in its terms of service that it does not collect or share users' personal data.

The terms of service originally contained a clause saying, "You will allow us to use, edit your content with our service permanently, no limit and no recover," but Blobla has since removed this sentence to avoid confusion.

The company told KFVS the generator only uses private content when users create a post in a different language.

Despite the company's assurances, the BBB warns Facebook users to be wary of clicking on the meme, and advises people to check with friends to confirm the origins of any memes or other apps that were sent to them.

The "Be Like Bill" meme first became popular with Facebook users in late 2015, according to a BBC article. A Facebook page for the meme, simply called "Be Like Bill," has garnered more than 1.25 million likes. 

Sources: KFVSBBC / Photo credit: Eugeniu Croitoru/BBC

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