If You See A Story About This Woman, Don't Fall For It


A young mother became the victim of an Internet hoax after a picture of her and her newborn was used to accompany a fake pregnancy story.

Karena Bennet, a 21-year-old Connecticut mother, said she opened her Facebook to discover a photo of her and her baby being used in an article that said she had 14 kids from 14 different men.

The article claimed that Bennet was a Detroit woman who went by a different name. Bennet soon discovered that the article had gone viral.

"This is disgusting what’s going on!" her grandmother, Pauline Rindos, told the Detroit Free Press. "Are you kidding me? Since 10 o'clock the other morning this girl has been through the ceiling. I’m 80 years old, and I’m taking it, too."

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The article surfaced on a site called Infamous Tribune, and claimed that Bennet was a 36-year-old woman named Anita Sullivan. Sullivan, according to the story, had just given birth to her 14th child from a 14th father. 

In reality, the photo showed Bennet, her baby, and the baby's father.

"Poor Karena is the one whose picture is plastered all over," Rindos said, according to Detroit Free Press.

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Bennet, who works as a waitress at a Derby, Connecticut, restaurant, contacted a lawyer — though it's unclear if she has any legal recourse at all.

Sources: Daily Mail, Detroit Free Press / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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