Facebook Makes Yet Another Tweak To Your Profile


A new Facebook setting is stirring some reactions among users who were caught off guard.

The social network site now shows your comprehensive employment and education history on the "Intro" field of your profile. The new modification appears to emulate career-oriented site LinkedIn rather than the "friends" platform that Facebook is known for.

Although the tweak does not make any private information public, it broadcasts users’ professional data, front-and-center.

A spokesperson for Facebook acknowledged the change in a statement, according to Mirror:

This is a change we made in the past week to make it easier to understand which of your work and education (school, college) fields are public. None of these fields have [had] their privacy settings changed; we’re now simply showing the already-public fields in Intro. If you’ve already curated what you want to appear there, this change shouldn’t affect you.”

Facebook maintains that only things listed in your “Work and Education” field will show up, according to Huffington Post.

Nonetheless, there is a difference between having all your personal and professional information displayed directly beneath your profile picture and having it buried deep within your profile.

As a result, it could be potentially embarrassing for some users. For example, the first thing anyone sees on your profile will be details like employment history, level of education, current city, and how many followers you have.

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In the past, that data could not be seen unless someone clicked on the “About” tab in your profile.

An anonymous user told Mirror that he was peeved by the tweak. “I don't need my [resume] in my Facebook profile," he said. "I think it's a little weird Facebook feels the need to do this."

Many Facebook users are annoyed with the social media corporation’s seemingly relentless changes to their accounts – making their promise of transparency a bit opaque, to say the least.  

Mark Zuckerberg recently shared a selfie on Instagram in celebration of hitting 500 million Facebook users worldwide.

Perhaps unbeknownst to him, Zuckerberg’s laptop showed up in the background with what appeared to be tape over the webcam and microphone jack, the Mirror reported.

The image invokes the notion that even the Chairman and CEO of a giant social networking company is worried about privacy.

The discovery was strange, especially considering the fact that Facebook has been widely accused of spying on users and non-users alike.

Sources: Huffington Post, Mirror / Photo credit: Brian Solis/​Wikimedia Commons

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