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Woman Meets Her Doppelganger While Studying In Germany (Photos)


Two young women studying in Germany were shocked when they met each other and realized they looked exactly alike.

Ciara Murphy and Cordelia Roberts were, by coincidence, both studying in the city of Bremen when friends quickly realized that they looked nearly identical, the New York Daily News reports. 

“When I was going on nights out, people were starting to ask me did I come here with a sister, or a twin,” Murphy, from Wexford, Ireland, told Twin Strangers in an interview published on Oct. 23.

“I didn't know what they were talking about in the beginning, so I was just like 'No I'm completely on my own out here,'" she added. "But then after a while I realized they were talking about Cordelia."

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Roberts, from England, said she had a similar experience.

“On one night out, people kept saying ‘Are you sisters?’ and that was when we decided to take a photo," she said. 

The photo the pair took was subsequently shared on Facebook and quickly went viral. Now, the two are close friends and known by fellow students as “the twins.”

“They're always together now, they're like a package deal,” Murphy’s friend, Jessica, said. “They have this bond now, just because they look the same."

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Sources: New York Daily News, Daily Mirror, Twin Strangers / Photo credit: Twin Strangers via NY Daily News, Daily Mirror


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