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Women Targeted By Islamophobia At Ice Cream Shop (Video)

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Two California women were the target of Islamophobia while at an ice cream shop (video below).

On May 23, Nura Takkish, 22, and Malaak Ammari, 21, both of whom wear hijabs, were with another friend at Andrew Ice Cream and Desserts in Orange, California. Cynthia Ramsay, the owner of the ice cream parlor, told BuzzFeed News that a man whispered derogatory remarks about the women to one of the employees.

"I’m not going to repeat what he said because I don’t want to create racial hatred," Ramsay said.

Ramsay and her staff refused to serve the man, which was the first time she had ever done so in the three years since the establishment has been open.

"He said they shouldn’t be in this country," Ramsay said. "He was very, very rude, and he kept saying 'them, them them.'"

The man was escorted out of the ice cream shop, and one of the employees apologized to Ammari and Takkish. According to Ammari’s Facebook, the man returned about five minutes later, so she decided to record the incident.

"He was pointing at our table and telling the employees, ‘You refused to serve me because you were serving them,'" Ammari told BuzzFeed.

Both Takkish and Ammari responded calmly as the man was escorted out once again.

"They told him, ‘We don’t tolerate this kind of behavior,'" Ammari recalled. "'We don’t tolerate this kind of discrimination. We don’t want your money.'"

"Everyone who is nice and friendly is welcome here," Ramsay said. "I told him ‘if you’re not going to be nice, we don’t want your business.’ This is not acceptable."

Ammari also wrote a positive Yelp review for the ice cream parlor and mentioned the incident.

Takkish tweeted the video on May 23 and wrote, "When you just trying to eat your ice cream but trump supporters won't let you live." It has been retweeted over 20,000 times as of May 25.

"We’re Americans, and he treated us like this is his country, his territory," Ammari told BuzzFeed. "No, we’re all welcome here."

Ammari said she was saddened that such an incident happened in a place as multicultural as Orange County.

"Islamophobia exists," Ammari said. "You see these things in the media and think that’ll never happen to me."

On her Facebook page, Ammari advised her friends to not let others’ ignorance negatively affect them should they find themselves in a similar situation.

"Just sit back and enjoy your ice cream instead," she wrote.

Sources: BuzzFeed News, Nura Takkish/Twitter, Malaak Ammari/Facebook / Photo Credit: BuzzFeed News

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