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'Just Try Your Best': Little Girl Asks Mom To Get Along With Her Dad (Video)

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A little girl made a passionate plea to her divorced parents in a video that went viral (video below).

Cherish Sherry, a divorced single mother from Canada, posted a clip of her daughter’s plea to Facebook, according to BuzzFeed.

According to Sherry, 6-year-old Tiana interrupted an argument between her parents and took her mother outside of the room. When outside, Tiana began to ask her mother if she could get along with her father. 

“Mom, are you ready to be his friend?” Tina asks in the video. “Try not to be that high up [she gestures with her hands] to be friends, I want everything to be low. Just try your best.”

The little girl goes on to say that she doesn’t want the two of them to be “meanies” and that she just wants “everyone to be friends."

“And if I can be nice, I think all of us can be nice too,” she continues. “I'm not trying to be mean - I'm trying to do my best in my heart. Nothing else than that. I want my mom, my dad, everyone, to be friends. I want everyone to be smiling.”

At the end of the lecture, Tiana shares a hug and kiss with her mother.

“I was stunned by it,” Sherry said of her daughter’s plea. "She is teaching me. Woke me up."

Watch the touching plea below.

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