'I Could Feel His Pain': Suicide Victim's Brother Takes A Stand Against Bullying


A Texas man said his brother, who took his own life, was a victim of bullying.

David Molak, 16, was a sophomore at Alamo Heights High School in Texas. He hanged himself in his family’s backyard on Jan. 4, San Antonio police said.

The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the death was a suicide, according to San Antonio Express-News.

David’s brother, Cliff Molak, 24, took to Facebook to reveal that his younger brother was being bullied. He wrote:

I saw the pain in David’s eyes three nights ago as he was added to a group text only to be made fun of and kicked out two minutes later. I spoke to him right after to comfort him and he didn’t even hear me. He stared off into the distance for what seemed like an hour. I could feel his pain. It was a tangible pain. He didn’t even have the contact information of any of the eight members who started the group text. It is important to note David had been enduring this sort of abuse for a very long time.

In today’s age, bullies don’t push you into lockers, they don’t tell their victims to meet them behind the school’s dumpster after class. They cower behind user names and fake profiles from miles away constantly berating and abusing good, innocent people.

The post was accompanied by a family photo. David is on the far left:

Cliff described his brother as a fitness enthusiast, a San Antonio Spurs fan and an Eagle Scout. He said his brother was targeted for no reason.

“He did not do anything to them besides having an attractive girlfriend,” Cliff told Express-News. “They crushed his spirit and took away his motivation to do anything.”

Now Cliff is on a mission to help combat bullying.

“The main message I want to get across to as many people as I can is this all comes down to character -- to end bullying, you’ve got to start at the ground level,” Cliff told My San Antonio. “Parents and the school system need to teach their kids about the realities of bullying and character, it’s the fundamental way to end all sorts of bullying and discrimination.”

Alamo Heights Independent School District Superintendent Kevin Brown told Express-News he was shocked by the incident and plans on taking action.

“We will be looking at the facts as they become available to us and we will take very strong and appropriate action,” he said.

Sources: San Antonio Express-News, My San Antonio / Photo credit: Family photo via My San Antonio

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