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This Hyacinth Macaw Has Gone Viral For Her Funny Reaction To Bath Time (Video)

A YouTube video featuring a 13-year-old hyacinth macaw turning a faucet on for a quick shower in the sink has gone viral.

The domesticated bird, named Miss Iris, is very picky about her bath time and in the video below, she can be seen testing the water with her foot before she puts her head under, Liftbump notes.

Miss Iris makes sure that the temperature is to her liking by moving the faucet handle because she prefers cold showers. She then adjusts the water pressure.

Check it out:

When her owner, Gail Worth, of Palos Verdes, California, changes the temperature or the water pressure, the diva bird is having none of it. Miss Iris likes the water on high, and she won’t stand for it being any other way.

“It is a bit chilly today so I let Miss Iris have her daily bath in the sink … She prefers to take cold water hose baths outside,” Worth writes in the description.

According to the National Geographic, hyacinth macaws can live up to 60 years, so Miss Iris has the right idea when it comes to taking care of herself.

The video has over 170,000 views since it was first posted to YouTube on Feb. 23.

Sources: LiftbumpNational Geographic / Photo Credit: Gail Worth/YouTube


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