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Husband Uses Smartphone App To Spy On Wife, She Claims To 'Not Care At All'

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A teacher in the U.K. accidentally discovered that her husband had downloaded an app that allowed him to read her texts, listen to her calls and track her movements.

Catharine Higgingson, 45, said she was at work when she missed a text with an activation code she needed to make a bank transfer. When she got home, she apologized to her husband for not having made the transfer earlier. Her husband’s reply left her shocked and confused. “Oh, don’t worry about it – I’ve sorted it,” he said.

“I was able to get into your phone and locate the code to activate the transaction,” Higginson’s husband casually explained. “I don’t need you here to be able to read your text messages.”

After the initial shock wore down, Higginson became confused as to how her husband could have possibly hacked her phone remotely and read through her text messages. Her husband then told her about a tracking app called Cereberus, which he installed on her phone, as well as her three childrens'.

Higginson said she later realized her husband had informed her that he downloaded the app, but she’d forgotten. She said she didn’t realize it was installed because it doesn’t show up on the phone’s home screen.

Higginson posted about the incident on Facebook, and said she received replies from friends calling her husband “creepy.” Despite the objections from those around her, Higginson said she “doesn’t have a problem” with her husband’s spying because she isn’t “up to anything.”

“When I posted about it on Facebook friends were shocked. One wrote: ‘I’d leave my husband if he did that’,” she said. “Someone else reckoned ‘it’s grounds for divorce,’ and another friend remarked, ‘it’s a total invasion of privacy – how dare he?’ Even close girlfriends think it’s weird, saying: ‘Oh my god – that’s really creepy.’ I always argue back that it depends on the level of trust you have in your marriage.”

Higginson said that her husband’s ability to spy on her ultimately made her feel safe and loved.

“I’m not having an affair and I don’t see it as him spying on me – I view it as him caring about my wellbeing,” she said. “I know people say ‘what about your right to privacy’ but I know he trusts me.”

Do you think a husband having remote access to his wife's phone is crossing the line?

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