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Husband Notices One Of Twin Boys Doesn’t Look Like Him, Makes Troubling Discovery

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When a wife gave birth to twins in China, the husband had a feeling that something was not right. He could tell that one of the children belong to him, but the other one, well, he sensed that the baby had a different father. The dad demanded a DNA test to confirm the paternity of the children, and that’s when doctors had to catch their breaths – the twins were fathered by two different men.

Doctors admitted that the chances of this happening were “one in a million.” The double pregnancy may have been a medical marvel, but it was a disastrous truth for the family, who learned that the mother had a one-night stand with a random man.


The truth was revealed when the DNA test was ordered so the family could register the twin boys with authorities in Xiamen, China.

The results left the family reeling. Because the DNA evidence proved that the two boys were fathered by different men, the man who thought he was the father was dealt a blow that was hard to recover from.

The father had often wondered why the twins did not look alike, and always had the suspicion that something was not quite right in his family. However, he did not know that his wife had been living a lie and that she had fathered a baby with another name and pretended it was his.

In China, the paternity test was a regular part of the city’s legal process. Because the results were alarming, the couple has since separated. The wife has even accused her husband of tampering with the results as a way to get things heated up with drama between them.

However, when the truth was revealed, she had no choice but to admit her cheating ways. She told her husband about the one-night stand she had with the stranger.

The dad was flabbergasted.

“I obviously still want my own child, but I’m unwilling to raise someone else’s,” the dad said when he learned the truth about the twins.

Doctors could not believe it. They said this was a rare case of “heteropaternal superfecundation” when two or more eggs get fertilized when they’re released in the same cycle. Sperm from each man fertilized one of the eggs.

For this to have happened, the woman had sex with both men in a matter of days.

Because the medical marvel was so alarming, Chinese authorities made the case public via the Fujian Zhengtai Judicial Authentication Center in Xiamen.

Director Zhang said, “This is a very special case. It means that the woman had sexual relations with two men and was impregnated by them at the same time.”

Director Zhang added, “They’re fraternal twins. A very uncommon and rare case.”

Because this story was highly controversial, given that the women had an affair with another man and lied about it, people were quick to share their reactions on Chinese social media.

“That’s a great plot for a movie,” one person wrote.

Since the facts were revealed, Director Zhang said the couple “sorted the matter out themselves.”

Sources: The Sun / Photo Credit: Post Image

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