Husband Demands That Wife Go Into Kitchen And Make Him A Sandwich, Gets This On A Plate (Photo)


After Texas man Andrew Park “jokingly commanded” his wife Koa to make him a sandwich, she decided to get back at him with some choice words written in mustard.

Park told The Huffington Post that after asking for a sandwich, his wife of five years replied with a suspicious, “Oh, okay!”

She then returned and placed the sandwich on his desk in an “over-the-top, housewife-caricature type of way” and walked off.

“I looked down and started to laugh and proceeded to ask why there weren’t any chips,” Park said.

Koa had apparently written "f*ck off" in mustard on the sandwich.

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Park eventually ate the sandwich, but not before posting a picture of it on Reddit.

“Since my wife will probably read this, [the sandwich] was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS,” Park wrote.

Since the post was added on Monday, it has been viewed over 270,000 times. 

Sources: The Huffington PostLifestyle / Photo Credit: Lifestyle


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