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An Unusual Game Of Cat And Mouse: Animals Become Unlikely Friends (Photos)

A cat and a mouse defied all stereotypes when the cat's owner caught them playing together for 20 minutes and captured pictures of the unlikely friendship.

Paul Mealey of Westport, Ireland, said he saw his cat Lala walking around with a mouse in her mouth when he returned home from work, according to Lala looked to be about ready to enjoy her dinner, when she set the little field mouse down and gently poked at it.

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The two began to play together and didn't stop for a full twenty minutes.

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Luckily, Mealey, a professional photographer, was returning home from a photo shoot and had his camera and lens ready to capture the heartwarming moment.

According to Mealey, the mouse scattered off unscathed after playing with Lala.

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Photo Credit: Paul Mealey/REX Shutterstock via


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