Humpback Whale Leaps On Kayak, Couple Survives (Video)


A couple of kayakers are lucky to be alive after a humpback whale leaped into the air and came crashing down on their tiny vessel near Moss Landing, California. The moment was captured on video (below) by a passenger on a nearby Sanctuary Cruises whale-watching boat on Sept. 12.

According to the Sanctuary Cruises YouTube page, "The next thing we knew, this thing launched right on top of these two kayakers."

"We were taken under the water by the whale, perhaps in the down-draft," Tom, one of the kayakers, told Yahoo News. "I think it brushed against me while I was out of the kayak … Neither of us know how we weren't ended there and then."

“(W)e definitely understood how lucky we were, and were pretty confused,” Tom added.

Captain Mike Sack of Sanctuary Cruises said that a humpback whale can weigh up to 40 tons.

“This was one of the more dangerous situations that I've seen out here,” Sack said. “All of a sudden, this massive full-size whale does a full 180-degree breach and lands stomach first either right on top of or right next to two kayakers.”

“Kayak whale watching can be extremely dangerous," Sack stated. "And one should realize that humpback whales are wild animals and totally unpredictable.”

Sources: Yahoo News, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube/Sanctuary Cruises Screenshot


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