Sea Monster Washes Up On Beach Baffling Experts (Video)


A mysterious and grotesque sea creature has washed ashore on a beach in Mexico, leaving experts baffled about its origins (video below).

The gigantic 13-foot-long monster was discovered on Bonfil Beach, in the tourist city of Acapulco, in the south-west Mexican state of Guerrero, according to Daily Mail.

Heavy currents affecting parts of the Mexican coast reportedly caused the creature’s body to be washed onto shore.

The animal’s carcass quickly started to decay even though it had not been dead for long, according to Rosa Camacho, the coordinator of the Civil Guard and Fire Brigade, says Yahoo News.

“We have no idea what type of animal this is, but I do know that it does not smell bad or have a fetid aroma,” says Camacho.

Shocked beach-goers gathered around the creature and began taking photos, sharing the find on social media and trying to identify it. Some spectators have suggested that the animal might be a type of giant squid, while others say it’s a whale.

Sources: Daily Mail, Yahoo News / Photo credit: Yahoo News

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