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This Is How You Pack Your Carry-On Luggage Like A Pro (Video)

Packing your luggage for a business trip or a holiday getaway can be frustrating. But one Michigan man demonstrates how to efficiently pack your carry-on to save you time, money, and from pulling your hair out.

In the video below, IT consultant-turned-travel blogger, Tom Ayzenberg, shows us how to pack a month’s worth of jeans, shorts, and T-shirts with a small backpack-like carry-on bag, according to the Daily Mail.

He says he learned the bundled wrapping method, also known as “clown car style,” from his mother. This involves laying your clothes out flat before folding pant legs and shirt arms on top of one another.

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Note that Ayzenberg also uses the old trick of stuffing shoes with socks and laying them at the bottom of the luggage.

John Giuffo, travel writer for Forbes, explains that the key to packing is to minimize what you are bringing with you.

Check out Ayzenberg's whole video here:

Sources: Daily MailForbes / Photo Credit: Tom Ayzenberg/YouTube


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