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Here's How To Unshrink All The Clothes You Accidentally Shrunk (Video)

If you ever shrink a T-shirt or some other piece of clothing, don't worry; there is a simple solution.

Blogger and author Jill Nystul has come up with an easy trick to un-shrink that favorite article of clothing of yours — and it does not involve any “voodoo magic,” she says in a how-to video (below).

Soak the item of clothing in a tub or sink filled with warm water with a cap-full of baby shampoo for a few minutes. Then lay the piece out on a towel, and roll it up to dry. Finally, carefully stretch it back out to its original size.

Some suggest using hair conditioner instead of baby shampoo, but others say there is no difference. According to, the idea is that both formulas loosen the fibers of a garment as well as make it soft and manageable.

Check it out:

Sources: The Meta PicturexoJane / Photo Credit: One Good Thing by Jillee/YouTube


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