Here's How To Turn An Egg Into A Bouncy Ball (Video)

Most people are aware of the many different ways eggs can be used and prepared, but there’s one many likely aren’t aware of. A video (below) uploaded to YouTube demonstrates how to turn a raw egg into a bouncy ball in just four simple steps.

To turn an egg into a bouncy ball, all you need is an egg, white vinegar, water, two containers and at least 48 hours for the chemical reaction.

The process involves submerging the egg in white vinegar and leaving it for 48 hours. During this time, the vinegar will dissolve the egg’s shell and solidify the substance inside to a rubbery texture.

Once the process is complete, all you do is gently wash the remaining egg shell off in the container of water and now you have a homemade bouncy ball.

Sources: Daily Mail, Bobby TV via RumbleViral/YouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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