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Watch And Learn How To Melt Soda Cans With DIY Metal Foundry (Videos)

Before you throw old items away in the trash or recycling bin, think about how they can be reused. This do-it-yourself video shows you how to melt soda cans and cast aluminum using a homemade backyard foundry to create clever metal works.

Grant Thompson, also known as the “King of Random,” likes to share experiments and life hacks on his YouTube channel. For his most recent DIY project, he melted 50 used aluminum beverage cans into liquid to cast metal muffins, little bears and a sword.

According to Laughing Squid, Thompson also posted a video on how to make a mini metal foundry disguised as a flower pot, which was used for melting the cans and casting aluminum. In the video description, Thompson says he tried 10 prototypes before settling on this one.

“I tested different refractory recipes, different containers, different setting for blowing air, and different types of makeshift crucibles,” he writes.

“I tried various ratios of portland cement, sand, perlite, plaster of paris, water, and even kitty litter,” he adds. “For containers, I experimented with clay pots, plastic buckets, no container, cinderblocks, and a galvanized steel pail.”

Check out the videos below:

Sources: The Meta PictureLaughing Squid / Photo Credit: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"/YouTube


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