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How To Make Any Kind Of Soda Slushie In 3 Seconds (Video)

A viral video shows you how to make an instant soda slushie that’s perfect for a hot, summer day, and it’s so easy anyone can do it.

In the video below, YouTuber Grant Thompson, also known as “The King of Random,” shows us a surprisingly simple trick to make a delicious homemade Coca-Cola slushy. This method works on any soft drink. All you need is a can or bottle of soda, a freezer and 3 hours.

Thompson first instructs viewers to, "Grab a bottle of room temperature soda, and start shaking it violently.” This builds up pressure inside the container.

Now place it in the freezer for 3 hours and 15 minutes. The process works by “supercooling” your soft drink to the point where it is colder than freezing, but not actually frozen.

“The trick to getting the 3-second slush, is quickly releasing the pressure in the bottle and re-securing the cap, flipping the bottle upside down, and back upright again,” Thompson writes in the video description. “This is because the forming ice crystals will be moved around the length of the bottle, and trigger nucleation for the rest of the soda.”

Watch the following video and learn how to make your own self-freezing soda:

According to “The King of Random,” he experimented with Gatorade, Fresca, Mexican Sprite, Rootbeer, Orange sodas, Coke, Diet Coke — both in bottles and cans — and they were all successful.

If you’re not a fan of soda, the same trick can be done with water.

Sources: ViralNova, WonderHowTo / Photo Credit: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"/YouTube


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