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Here's How To Escape If Your Hands Are Bound Together With Duct Tape

NBC aired a segment called “News You Can Use: Escaping Duct Tape,” in which Dateline reporter Andrea Canning had her hands bound together in duct tape.

It seems impossible at first for her to break free from the duct tape that’s been wrapped around her wrists three times, but there’s actually a quick way to do it without using a sharp object.

In the video, Canning says a CIA agent taught her the special technique, which involves raising your hands over your head, and quickly thrusting them down by your waist to get out of the duct tape.

Reshareworthy notes that this method also works with zip ties. The trick is “to give it all you’ve got,” pulling your arms through your body, and not stopping because you expect resistance.

The technique Canning demonstrates works because of “lateral stress,” meaning the movement of swinging her hands downward puts more stress on the cross section of the tape, resulting in tearing.

We hope that you never have to use this technique to get out of a scary situation, but it’s worth learning it just in case.

Check out the video below:

Sources: Daily MegabyteReshareworthy / Photo Credit: Charles Cook/YouTube, woodleywonderworks/Flickr Creative Commons


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