Habitual Drunk Driver Sentenced To Life In Prison

A Houston jury sentenced a man to two life terms in prison on Wednesday after getting arrested for drunk driving 10 times over the course of his life.

Bobby Gene Martin, 64, will serve his sentences concurrently as punishment for his tenth arrest, which occured in August.

Jurors did not know about the extent of Martin’s criminal record until the trial's punishment phase, said Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Kyle Crowl.

“You could see they were actually shocked that he’d had 10 DWIs and was still out and about driving around,” Crowl told the Montgomery County Police Recorder.

According to police reports, Martin reportedly threatened to beat up and kill the arresting officer, as well as the officer’s wife, children and mother.

“I think that resonated with the jury that if no matter what he does, if he ever gets out of jail, he’s going to do it again,” Crowl stated.

Martin was arrested once before in Montgomery County, on Jan. 5, 1999, the Houston Chronicle reports. Martin’s lengthy arrest record spans over three decades in four counties, starting in 1981. Harris County police records state officers arrested Marin for a DWI on Jan. 16 of that year.

Records from the Waller County Police Department state officers arrested Martin twice, once on Feb. 5, 1982, and once on June 16, 1982. His Harris County record includes arrests made on Oct. 8, 1982, June 11, 1987, Aug. 27, 1996, and March 17, 2009. The Houston Police Department arrested him on felony DWI charges on Sept. 16, 1993, and April 25, 2012.

Martin will be eligible for parole when he turns 80, Crowl said.

“Hopefully this defendant will never be driving around the streets of Montgomery County,” he added.

Sources: Houston Chronicle, Montgomery County Police Reporter

Photo Source: Houston Chronicle, rantcars.com


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