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Spy Caught Staring In Changing Room Selfie

A Georgia woman was shocked to find somebody spying on her as she took a photo of herself in the changing room March 20.

“So I was trying on this dress and didn’t realize this little girl was looking at me the whole time…”, the Savannah State University student, known as Destiny, wrote on Twitter when she posted the selfie.

Destiny was trying on clothes at Forever 21 when a little girl decided to peek into her room while she took a photo of herself in a dress, Fox News reports.

Many found the photo amusing, comparing the child to Macaulay Culkin’s "Home Alone" movie character.

Still others thought the image was unsettling.

“That could be a scene from a horror movie, creepy!!!!”, one user responded.

It is unclear who the child is or how old she is.

This is not the first time in the past few weeks funny selfies have captured international attention.

Irish actor Killian Scott, 29, took selfies with fans in order to canvas for his brother, who is running for political office, The Independent reports.

"I found most people were very receptive and my pitch was very much, 'Look, I don't know anything about politics but this guy's my brother.  I'd love you to vote for him but if you don't want to, whatever, here's the flier' and I'd leave," he said. "My pitch was very efficient!"

He admitted, however, some people merely just wanted a selfie with the celebrity.

"There was a bit of that which was funny, taking selfies on people's doorsteps. 'Yeah, but will you vote for my brother?'" he said.

"It was interesting, and really gave me an insight into the work these guys do.  I was canvassing in the afternoon and evening and I was exhausted and Eoghan was doing a lot of other things in between,” he added. "It gave me a new insight, respect and understanding for the work these guys do.  It's a tough job and thankless as well."

Sources: Twitter, Fox NewsThe Independent / Photo credit:  Twitter

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