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This Horse Has An Itch Only A Human Can Scratch (Video)

When a young horse felt an itch on her posterior, it sought sweet relief from the nearest human. It turned out that the equine enjoyed the scratch so much that she could not stop chasing that man around with her backside (video below).

On a picturesque horse farm, a filly had a needling itch on her rear. The young female equine was in quite the dilemma, as there is nothing more irritating than an itch that cannot be scratched. Given that she possessed only hooves and limited reach, it was not like the filly could take care of the problem herself, Shareably reports.

Fortunately for the filly, her owner's brother happened to be out on the field; fortunately for the internet, the man's daughter was on the scene with a camera.

At first, the man appears unsure of what the filly wants as she approaches him. The horse promptly rears up in front of the confused human and backs her keister against him. Taking the hint, he roves his fingers around her butt and scratches.

"She loves a good butt rub," the daughter remarks as the man backs away from the filly.  

Except that the horse doesn't appear satisfied -- she follows the man with her backside, demanding more scratching. The man obliges and then gives the filly's butt a pat, hoping his duty is fulfilled.

The horse is not yet done, backing up once again. Relenting, the man gives her another scratch. The man likely expected the filly to be grateful for his assist, but instead he gets rewarded for his troubles with a kick in the rear. When the human turns his back on the equine, she promptly pivots and strikes her hoof against his butt.

Horse expert Franklin Levinson warns that while young horses may present their backsides to humans to receive a scratch, they can become addicted to the behavior and revert to it as a sign of aggression.

When a horse owner asked Levinson what to do about her horse's habitual backing up, the expert advised that she wean the equine off of the behavior, according to his website, Way of the Horse.

"On the one hand, if, when this horse was a foal, it LOVED to have her butt scratched, she may have gotten into the habit of backing up to the hand that scratched her butt for more scratching," Levinson wrote. "This became habitual behavior."

"More often then not when a horse backs to another individual, it is not a good sign," the horse expert added. "Horses will back into each other and kick the c*** out of one another. Sometimes doing serious damage. Personally, I do not suggest you allow that behavior to continue ... it should not be tolerated."

While the filly's aggressive action may indicate future behavioral problems, it does make for an amusing viral video.

Sources: Shareably, Way of the Horse / Photo Credit: Paul J Everett/Flickr

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