Beaten Pit Bull Makes Makes Miraculous Comeback (Video)

When a badly injured and bleeding pit bull puppy found his way onto a stranger's porch and collapsed, people thought he would die before even making it to the animal hospital. But the strong pup miraculously pulled through, showing the real meaning of what it means for a pit bull to be a fighter (video below).

The black and white pup, now named Jax and estimated to be around 5 months old at the time, was believed to have been a victim of an illegal dog fighting ring, according to Shareably.

"The first night I went, I really didn't know Jax's whole story, so when I got there, I saw this puppy that didn't even look like a puppy," a woman who cared for Jax in the ICU says in the 2015 video, filmed and posted to YouTube by Jacob Meyer. "He was swollen, his eyes were shut, he had a big gash in his neck, holes in his head."

Though it's possible that Jax was simply attacked by another creature as a stray, it is likely that he was used by dog fighting handlers as what is called a "bait dog," a pup used to encourage and teach dogs to attack, considering Jax's tiny size, uncropped ears and untreated wounds -- including the giant bleeding holes in his neck, according to I Heart Dogs.

"It has got to be the worst emotional feeling there could ever be," says the woman in the video. "How could someone do that, and let that happen?"

Jax was in bad shape. According to the video, Jax would wag his tail on occasion and raise his head, but he could not move any further than that.

"I decided that I was going to visit with Jax as much as I could, and that was pretty much every night," explains Jax's caretaker. "I would go see Jax until the day he went home. Every night, Jax improved. That tail would thump just a little longer. Every night, his eyes were opening, and he was just smiling."

Jax kept recovering for around two weeks in intensive care before he was sent to a foster home.

"When I found him, I was mad beyond belief, but I also wanted to cry at the same time," says another woman who cared for Jax. " Three weeks ago, he couldn't walk ... and now he runs and plays and jumps and just loves life."

She says it is "upsetting" that people are not doing much "to protect any of the animals," but added that she hopes Jax's story "will change people's minds."

"I don't understand how people can do this," says the first woman. "It's just inhumane. If you see, or you think that there's dog fighting going on, don't just turn your eye. Don't turn your back and walk away."

Warning: video contains graphic footage.

Source: Shareably, I Heart Dogs / Photo credit: Pixabay

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