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Woman's April Fools' Day Prank On Her Boyfriend Goes Horribly Wrong

One woman thought she was getting her boyfriend good by dumping him on April Fools’ Day, but his response proved that her prank completely backfired in the worst way.

Hayleigh Mcbay thought it would be funny to text her boyfriend David and dump him for April Fools’ Day, so her initial message was straightforward and right to the point.

“I don’t want to be with you anymore," Mcbay wrote. “I am not happy.”

The woman was shocked, however, when her quick-thinking boyfriend responded in the most unexpected way.

“Thank God you said it first,” her boyfriend David replied.

When a horrified Mcbay asked him to clarify, he responded, “You said it first so I didn’t have to.”

Mcbay then asked him if he meant he didn’t want to be with her, to which he responded, “Nah.”

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The embarrassed woman took to Twitter to share a screenshot of her text conversation with David, saying, “Well, my April fools backfired.”

Later on, Mcbay told her followers that her boyfriend had apparently known she was playing a prank and decided to play along.

“Just to clarify me and David did not plan that but he guessed it was April fools so jokingly replied, sad that I have to specify that lmao,” Mcbay wrote.

Despite it ending well, this woman probably learned her lesson for next year.

Sources: The Daily Mirror, Edinburgh STV / Photo Sources: The Daily Mirror, Edinburgh STV


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