Homeless Teen Found $500 Money Order, Returned It To Owner


A Durham, North Carolina, homeless teenager found a $500 money order and did the right thing by returning it to its rightful owner.

Montrez Jeffries, 18, said it was his mother’s advice that led him to return the money order.

“My mom always said do to others what I’d want them to do to me,” Jeffries said. “I feel like if somebody found something that I had dropped and it had my name on it, I’d want them to take it back to somebody so they could give it back to me.”

Jeffries told the Durham Rescue Mission Center for Hope, where he currently lives and works, about the money order. The staff found its owner, a woman who works two jobs, and returned it to her — she asked not to be identified but was very grateful.

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She gave Jeffries a hug and two gift certificates, one of which that is good for a “nice steak dinner.”

Jeffries lives and works at the shelter in an effort to turn his life around. He says he has made “a lot of bad decisions” and is trying to “make a change.”

Had Jeffries found the $500 money order a few years ago, he says he would have acted differently, reports Liftbump.

“A few years ago, I just would’ve cashed it and wouldn’t have thought twice about it,” Jeffries said.

“I am not sure many people, homeless or not, would have done this act of kindness,” Ernie Mills, CEO and co-founder of the Durham Rescue Mission, said. “We are so thankful for the change in Montrez’s life since he came to the Durham Rescue Mission.”

The local community took notice of Jeffries' good judgment, and The Reality Project, a Durham nonprofit, and Carolina Aces Bike Club have launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the teen, reports Huffington Post.

The campaign has raised $3,391 as of this morning; the goal was $500.

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Photo Source: Liftbump


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