Homeless Man Lands Job After Viral Post


After two years of searching, a California homeless man is now employed thanks to his diligence, a viral post, and a stack of resumes.

Frederick Callison landed a job with a local restaurant after a young man was impressed with the perseverance he displayed while searching for work.

According to NBC Today, 52-year-old Callison came to Sacramento, California, two years ago to be a cook with the Salvation Army. Although that position didn’t work out, Callison maintained a positive spirit and continued to search for work while homeless.

“I don’t like to beg,” he told KMAX News. “And I won’t. I refused to.”

Since then, Callison has spent his time outside of a Smart & Final supermarket with a “Need work and food” sign, along with several envelopes filled with his resume and professional credentials.

“Food handlers certificate, Social Security card, ID ready to go,” Callison said. “I need people to know I’m serious about what I’m doing.”

Michael Marteen was impressed and wanted to do what he could to help.

"I've been in situations where I had nothing and had to bust my butt to get work, and there he was doing that, so I have a lot of respect for him,” Marteen told NBC Today.

Callison printed his resumes at a local business that allows him to occasionally use their office space. The supermarket lets him stay on their property since he pushes carts at no fee.

“He’s not at downtown stomping on steps trying to get some help,” he told KMAX News. “He’s out here trying to work for it.”

Marteen gave Callison some food and water. He also passed Callison’s resume to his contacts in the catering industry and took a photo of the document to post on Facebook.

“This homeless man was sitting outside of Smart and Final NOT asking for money,” Marteen wrote on Facebook. “His sign said "Need work, and hungry" not just that but he had MULTIPLE resumes printed out and enveloped. SWEAR TO GOD. He has a cell phone and is trying to get off the streets. PLEASE SHARE HIS RESUME FOR ME.”

Within days, Callison was offered a position as a cook at Pizza Rock restaurant. Marteen is glad that Callison’s perseverance has paid off.

Sources: NBC Today, Michael Marteen/Facebook, KMAX News / Photo credit: NBC Today

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