Homeless Man Helps Stranded Single Mom


A stranded Brazilian college student who was trying to get home to her baby daughter was given a generous offer by the least likely person in the world.  

Caroline Santana, a single mother, was waiting for the bus when she panicked at the thought that she may have forgotten her bus pass. If she couldn’t find the pass, she’d have to walk the long distance home alone, in the dark.

At that moment, a homeless man approached Santana asking for change. While rifling through her purse, Santana promised to give him some cash as soon as she could find some.

The homeless man was reportedly worried that she was out of luck and offered to buy her bus fare, according to the Good News Network.

“Do you know how much is the ticket? Because I have four dollars and I will be happy to give it to you,” said the man.

Santana initially rejected the offer, but the man was adamant about giving her the money.

“Are you sure you don’t need it? You don’t have to walk back home.”

The college student assured the homeless man that she had found her pass and did not need the bus fare.

But the displaced man’s kindhearted actions moved Santana so much that she asked to take a picture with him. “I asked if I could take a picture with him to tell everyone about the size of his heart," wrote Santana.

The single mom subsequently shared the encounter on Facebook.

The man reportedly tried to look more put together before they snapped the photo. Santana gave him a little over $0.62 -- which was all she had -- and the man wished her a good night before they went their separate ways.

Before Caroline left the man shouted, “Mention in the picture that my name is Cesar.”

Caroline’s photo with Cesar has received more than 646,000 likes and 119,000 shares.

Sources: Good News Network, Caroline Santana/Facebook / Photo credit: Caroline Santana/Facebook via Good News Network

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