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Homeless Man Gets Rewarded For Helping To Push Cars Out Of The Snow (Video)

A Colorado homeless man is learning that what goes around really does come around after he selflessly spent hours helping people push their stuck cars off a slippery and snowy Colorado Springs road.

Shelby Hudgens was caught on camera helping people push their cars off the dangerous road on Sunday. Grateful drivers thanked the homeless man by giving him food and other donations, but once video footage of his good deed was aired on local news and quickly went viral, support started pouring in from all over.

Within days, Hudgens received tons of incredible gifts and life-changing offers. KSN reports that one person put him up in a hotel, another created a GoFundMe account to raise some money for him, and someone else even offered him a job.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to get a job just as quickly and everything will just keep snowballing and getting better,” Hudgens said.

Reports note that Hudgens only recently became homeless after his house burned down and he lost everything.

Sources: Mad World News, KSN


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